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make / manufacturer: Fry Surfboards
model name / number: Fryliner
Beyond EPIC Brand new Fry Longboard...This is a 100% custom hand made/hand shaped ONE of a KIND Classic Gulf Coast Hi Performance Noserider!!!!!

9'2" Round Pin "Fryliner" model...single to double concave with chined rails...18.75" x 23" x 14.75" @ 3" with 1/4" black glue basswood stringer.

Gorgeous custom paint with a sanded acrylic speed finish

the 2+1 fin system [future side boxes] allows you to ride this board as a single fin or single center with w 3.5" sidebites....this is a VERY VERSATILE longboard!!

This is the Ultimate 9’2" Surfboard! Turns like an 8’ Paddles like a 9’6.” The nose bottom has a deep single concave that continues back past the half way point. This concave is what makes the "Fryliner" paddle, turn and nose ride exceptionally great. That single concave flows into a double concave with a heavy V in the rounded pin tail, which makes it loose, fast and easy to ride. The chined/beveled rails allow for lift on the rail edge making it really forgiving on the drop-in and in rail to rail turns. The hard edges in the tail rails release water for insane speed. The included 2+1 fin set-up features 2 short wide rail boxes/fins forward giving the board drive while keeping it loose. The larger center back fin holds the board in the pocket in bigger surf. Or ride it as a single to really loosen the tail for longer/wider turns and classic cross stepping up to the nose....GO BIG or GO HOME!!

These are double 6oz. glassed deck with a single 6oz. bottom. Extra strong and durable. This is a VERY VERSATILE model > a classic gulf coast board and as well, an excellent travel companion for Mex, Costa Rica or anywhere with solid fast waves.

This is not a cheap made in China machine shaped or molded pop out that actually sell for $1200++ now

All Fry bds are 100% Hand Shaped, made in the USA with the finest blanks, materials....BEST OF THE BEST....Fry quality since 1960, the iconic name that started the Texas surfing revolution.

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