$455 Breanna And Frank are Crack-heads and Thieves!! (Houston, Texas)

KEEP AWAY FROM THESE 2!!They are the worst people you have or will ever meet your whole life.The man is a black,short guy who is like 60 yrs old and the woman is a short,chubby white woman .They are junkies.They bolted from rehab and they are now out there lying to people.I initially bought into the whole 'mentally sick' game they play but,after sometime,i started to question it.They have a very polished 'street game' that they play which takes time to understand.They have these suspicious looking cars and people driving into the driveway anytime time of day,day or night.The guy pimps her out to make money for drugs.She sometimes bring guys back to the house and will say that they are her 'friends.'They will not pay rent,they complain that they haven't gotten their money from the govt.They steal and eat other roomates' food.The roomates had to move all of their food to their bedrooms.They spend the whole day either asleep or watching T.V,eating chips and pepsi..They leave the house around 9 or 10 p.m.They come back to the house,high of course, like at 4 or 5a.m,they start fighting,yelling,banging the doors and waking everybody up.The neighbours called the cops when they saw the woman fighting with someone on the driveway,it turns out that was one of her drug dealing buddy.They were given a '3 day notice' but when the landlord came to confirm if they have left,they broke things including a TV in the living room.The landlord called the cops to report the damage and the woman retaliated by calling the cops and lying that he hit her.It was really bad but the cops have a long record on her and didn't believe her.They are initially from the streets and thats where they belong.Its not safe to have them in your house or even in your neighbourhood.

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