Still need ride to Oregon (NW)

I like the climate better in the PNW and I hope to start a new life on the frontier up there. I've gotten messages from ppl trying to go spontaneously they were trying to go hurry over there on the same day and that's not really what this ads about.

I would like to meet somebody, get to know each other, plan it out and ride up there togeather. I'm looking to live off-grid in remote wilderness so I need some time to gather materials for the long haul.

But also, I'd like to mention. Too hot in htown. I won't be too picky about who I ride up there this summer with, or when. If any of my friends who went to COLO would come back to scoop, that'd be gr8!

I could gather about 10,000 bottles and cans to recycle some the ones that say OR 10 CENTS IYKYK
Or I could give you the ones I collect and you could go to Bottle Drop, as a partial payment for taking me over the mountain.

Solar power, radical self reliance,, live without money, homestead, grow food, plant medicine, naturalist, living off the land, mountaineering, hitch hiking, rubber tramping, vagabond, into the wild, free spirit

If any of this is of interest to you lmk perhaps we could pool resources and go start a new life togeather. Or if you're a truck driver you could just drop me and my dog off up there.

I'm just now getting my feet wet with foraging ++if you know anything about primitive survival especially harvesting/processing meat. deer, wild turkey etc.

I've never bagged a deer before but looking to start just as soon as I get up there. With air rifle or Bow perhaps. Could definitely use some tips for whats better for someone in my situation. Best bang for buck, best for long distance backpacking, low weight to high power ratio. etc. Any relevant exp is appreciated. Same with fishing.

If you take me I would be bringing a pretty minimalist gear loadout. Most likely would look something like one extra big backpack, my dog, water for the road and a bunch of bottles and cans to recycle for money.

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