re: biden accomplishment to love (houston)

Pretty easy to lie on Craigslist, isn't it? There are no consequences. That's what the GOP has come to understand, and embrace. The GOP does not care about integrity any longer, so the only guard rail is jail. They won't go to jail for lying on CL, or X, or Facebook, or to the media. So, since the GOP cares not for integrity, honor, or dignity, they are free to lie, as you are lying below, and not do any damage to themselves.

What a trashy country we are becoming, led by the trash in the GOP.

This douche took massive bribes form Egypt in exchange for classified US government information and making deals to send billions of US tax money to certain parties in Egypt in exchange for millions including a top of the line Mercedes, and dozens of gold bars found at his home. He claims they were just gifts because he's so wonderful and people love him. Democrats say he shouldn't have to step down because they all do the same thing. Just not as extreme and they are more discrete about it. And look what that liar George Santos got away with, fraud, ID theft, stealing campaign money just to start This why we need a revolution so badly. Bar lobbying and politicians from taking any type of bribe or kickback money. Anyone caught would instantly lose their seat and would have to give the bribe and / or kickback money back to the tax payers. ALL US politicians say "NO MOTHER FUCKING WAY !!!" to that idea. That's why the ONLY solution is a Revolution !!!

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