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We have Teacup Pomeranian pup. Fully loaded with up-to-date shots.(713) 832-5five40





Green quaker parrot around 3 or 4 years old. Semi tame will need someone to dedicate time so it can be fully tamed $150. You will need to bring a cage or box.2024 Variegated Gloster Canaries.I have these two beautiful birds that I can no longer keep because I am moving. The larger one is a conure and his name is Rio.Very sweet, a little shy, and according to the vet, appears to be in great health!10 weeks old hand fed hand tame, loves to be out and about exploring the room and getting in to trouble he really likes millet sprays. Comes with its 5 gallon setup and heater.Live Ramshorn snails make great feeders or tank cleaners can reproduce fast I would recommend having a predator to keep population under control. various sizes. assorted colors blue, black, brown, leopard. Rex Dumbo mix rats looking for a home. They are 8 weeks old.We have gold or chestnut mystery snails ready for their new home!Beautiful cinnamon conure once she gets used to you will sit by you it all takes time reason im rehoming her is I have to move far and they don't accept birds or any other pets Future breakfast makers with style. Baby Polish girls looking for new coops. Well started, eating medicated chick starter grower with flockshield and chick water. Raised in home. Handled daily. Rehoming approximately a one year old fancy bearded dragon. Includes the needed set up. I have 2 Black Cochin Standard Roosters I need to rehome.We are looking to rehome our two delightful guinea pigs, who are friendly, social, and playful. They enjoy fresh veggies, hay, and guinea pig pellets, and love exploring their space and interacting with people. Both are bonded and must be adopted together. We will provide their cage, bedding, and any remaining food.Hello. We are reluctantly looking to rehome 2 male Guinea Pigs. One of our boys is allergic and we’ve tried many things to help and it’s just not working. Both piggies are about 7 months old. I have an adorable litter of baby hedgehogs that will be weaned and ready for homes end of May, they are all salt and pepper with a few having light pinto areas with some white quills, they are being handled and getting quite and both parents are vary friendly, and easy to handle so these babies have great potential with consistent handling as they get older.I have to love, bird, male and female cage accessories there is a.Large Vision Bird Cage, everything is good except for a broken part in the last two pictures.Young albino Burmese python looking for a new home. Needs some work done for handling. Comes with 20gal and can include his 40gal tank. He’s currently being treated for mites. Has bedding, lights, water dish, and 2 different hides.

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