7 album project, variety of talent needed. Will be recorded, released, and playe (League City)

I have a total of 5 cover albums that need to be produced, and 2 original hip hop albums that included a heavy amount of creativity and graphics (comic book and manga) that need to be produced.

I’ve got a vision I’ve been looking at, and I want to start with a Jazzy Tejano Blues and Rock album, and I have the songs picked with room for more. My intentions are to help make music unique to southeast Texas, bring back the party and easy going listening, and maybe even bring back the spirit of the 20s (1920s), and create an environment where you can keep your day job, but you can perform professionally on the weekend with the covers I did, but on YOUR side of town with chances to travel around and live it out.

I’m taking the lead on vocals and final decisions, because this is attached to a much larger project that is designed to be a draw for houston and bring more money in from outside, and to stop that money from going TOO high up to someone making millions or hundreds of thousands, and drop it back down to the artists and workers, first, starting with making sure producers get paid first, sound engineers get paid, and allow locals artists who REALLY want to make something happen and Be Someone, it allows us to have a good place with each other to perform and jam, record with ease, release music with pooled resources, and just keep the party vibe going.

Again, I’m leading with Jazzy Tejano Blues and Rock.
I intend to cover blues songs that aren’t particularly a Texas sound, but we’re gonna make it a Texas sound, and we may even “screw” some blues.
Houston Strong, baby

We’re different down here.

So with that said, definitely producers and sound engineers are needed, but with instruments, any instrument can be included (don’t be an ass and say cowbell), but as an example: I love the harmonica and saxophone sound. I’d hate to lose that, so it would be great to have someone or people who can play those. HOWEVER, how about some of those sounds playing in harmony or replaced by a Tejano accordion???? Some piano can be replaced with guitar, and a cello?

These first albums are going to be covers, and no particular one band is needed. I’d rather solo artists or people wanting something on the side to work on for fun, and MAINLY for fun so we can infect the music with that fun. It’s also so that people don’t feel as if they are mixing their own band’s brand and image with THIS project. Credits will be given, copyrights and licensing and all that good stuff, but anyone wanting to be included somehow to help recreate the music scene in Houston but also LIVEN IT UP and have something to compete with against Austin’s live music scene.
When money starts rolling in, people who worked get paid first, and that’s especially for the engineers and producers to make sure we always have a foundation for artists to practice their art on. After, we’ll start looking at how to get local artists paid, because once the albums release, I want a few professional bands to take up the instruments and go play the music I covered and make their money off the door.

I wanna make sure that when people say, “what’s there to do in Houston?”
A lot, and they invite you to sing and dance with them and get away from the world and in Troubles, here with us as we sing the blues and party it out.

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