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Would you like to meet a mentor/coach who really does know how trading & investing works & who cares about his student's success?

Hi, I'm Randall, the creator of the world's simplest, repeatable, trading & investing strategy.
Let me start by saying everything you "think" you know about markets and trading is wrong. If all the information you have about trading & investing was the correct information, wouldn't you be getting the results you expected? Hey, we're in an "over-information" society now, full of ads & marketers. Anyone who has traded or invested in the market has experienced this. And you may feel like a hamster on a wheel after taking courses, reading book after book, watching YouTube videos, or the infamous chat rooms. Yes, I also got taken for that roller coaster ride a few times. But... I didn't give up & you shouldn't either because those who persist will eventually find success.

My story: After reading a few dozen books on the stock market, I began trading part-time in 1979, and at 28 years old, I achieved a return that allowed me to live what I had only been dreaming about. And 45 years later, I'm still good friends with Phil Christian, my original Merrill Lynch broker from that 1st year of trading.

My 2nd year results were marginal so my strategy has evolved over the last 30 years, and from those tens of thousands of trades emerged a simple but powerful strategy that I have been using for the last 12 years (and I have not changed a thing!).

I've been fortunate in life as my trading combined with my real estate companies allowed me to accomplish my financial goals by the age of forty-five. So, why am I willing to share this system and mentor students? Because I've been where you are, and it's not pretty.

Look, it's very difficult to find a real mentor in trading & investing. If you are a successful person in your field, who knows you can learn a new skill set if you put in the work following my training & guidance, then you're in the right place. Might even be a higher power that brought you here. Let your instincts be your guide.

So, what do I teach that gets all these 5-star reviews?

My method is just like the blueprints I followed to build very expensive homes in my home building career. It is a simple to learn, repeatable, powerful trading & investing method based on the price action of big Hedge Funds and Super-stocks they trade (like Apple & Nvidia). These stocks only make those big moves because of the massive buying & selling of the Wall St. Institutions. I'm talking Twenty Trillion plus going in and out of the markets regularly. And I teach students how to apply this method in trading stocks, indexes, and futures. We only use options for leverage, so you don't need a Million-dollar account to trade leading stocks, and of course the returns are even better using options.

So, while it is an educational course and mentor style training, you get to find out how effective it is on paper before you risk any of your hard-earned discretionary income. And in the process you will be building a foundational skill set that you can use for life.

And rather than try to convince you of anything, I prefer to let my students do the talking. I have many happy clients from all over the country. One client even flew in from Denmark and several from Canada! And I'll be happy to send you some videos from them so you can hear them talk about their experiences with BestStockCoach.com

Get in touch & I'll email you a Case Study where Brian, a recent student, doubled his account in two months. And I'll send you information regarding my Stock & Futures training. You may also request my Risk Guide that all my clients use every day! This is the same risk management that is so common in the Hedge Fund world. Btw, none of this information is in any of the books, or on the internet. If the right information was readily available, every trader would already know & use it. I want you to see a side of investing and trading you didn't know existed.

Text or call Coach at 512.738.4545

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