Learn Data Science in Python, Build ML Project with Professional

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Are you trying to break into the field of data science?

Here's the thing - there really is only one thing that a company looking to hire a data scientist cares about: your portfolio. To hire you as a data scientist, a company wants to see that you can independently develop and build a machine learning project from scratch. They want to see that you can follow a logical step-by-step process, write clean code, and respond intelligently to the unique circumstances of the data you are working with. No number of online certificates can replace that.

On your own and without any experience, this can be a daunting challenge. I'm here to help. As a data science mentor, I've helped hundreds of students build ML projects from scratch and land data science jobs. I can help you develop a plan, think through the intricacies of the problem, and ensure you hit all the essential points (and avoid any red-flag weaknesses) to impress hiring managers.

For the last 4 years, I've worked for online bootcamps that charge >$1800/month for students to meet with me weekly and have access to a set online curriculum. By working privately, I can offer the same weekly meetings coupled with a personalized curriculum for <20% of that rate.

Don't feel ready yet to start tackling an ML project?

I can also help guide you in learning the elements of the data science skill-set such as:

  • Python and the essential data science libraries: Pandas, Numpy, Sklearn, Matplotlib
  • The essential statistics data scientists use to test their ideas
  • How to craft a compelling narrative with your data and ensure non-technical colleagues/executives grasp the key takeaways
  • How to build, train, and evaluate Machine Learning models for regression, classification, and recommendation

Prices starting as low as $69/week. Shoot me an email now to schedule a free 15 minute consultation! Please include the best number to reach you.


"Ben helped me stay on track and motivated and his technical expertise in all areas of data science was an invaluable asset to me both building a solid understanding of programming, machine learning and statistics concepts and in completing two full data science projects. Ben is extremely knowledgeable, reliable and personable and I have no reservations about recommending him as a mentor and as an addition to any team."

- Isadora, Data Scientist at Afiniti

"Ben is a great mentor with a breadth of knowledge about data science techniques and methods. He helped my during my Data Science bootcamp and gave me guidance when I was unsure about what path I should pursue in my projects and career transition. Ben also gave me a lot of pointers on which data science subjects were high impact and which topics I absolutely needed to know. I'd highly recommend him to anyone looking for help with Data Science topics."

- Christopher, Data Engineer at Meta

"Ben was my data science mentor for 6 months. He is goal oriented and he made sure I reached my goals every week. He is not only knowledgeable in data science but also great at framing business problems in a way that could be solve with data. Id highly recommend him to anyone who needs help in data science!"

- Siu Ling, Machine Learning Engineer at Kohl's

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