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Hi! My name is Piper, and I’m an experienced LSAT tutor with an official 178 and a record of helping countless people improve 10, 20, even 30+ points to score in all parts of the 170s and gain acceptance to every top US law school.

Whether you’re just starting out, want to break into any part of the 170s, completed a prep course with little improvement, worked with another tutor, or have a specific question, I can help. Frustrated by my own LSAT journey, I fell in love with helping others achieve similar results in an easier, more structured, and less stressful way. Over the past few years, first with more established tutoring companies and then independently to lower the cost and ditch unhelpful materials, I’ve done 1000s of hours of tutoring with 100s of students from all over the world. Having completed every (then) available exam more than once in my own studying, talked through nearly every LSAT question multiple times as a tutor, and assisted students at all points in their LSAT journey, I’m confident that I can help you reach your goals. Some of my recent students, for example, scored a 169, a 172, a 173, and a 176. I’ve also helped dozens of eligible students gather and complete the materials needed to successfully receive accommodations and can answer any questions you may have about applying for them.

I meet remotely across the world using Zoom and the latest whiteboard technology seven days a week, morning, afternoon, and night. I also work with every student to craft a realistic practice schedule.

I charge a flat fee of $100/hr. If you prefer purchasing multiple hours at once, I also offer a $10/hr discount for each set of 10 lessons bought up front. I’m not into intense marketing and want you to feel confident that I can help so the first hour is free. There’s no commitment or money down. You can email me at piper@piperprep.com or visit the website listed below to sign up. If you’re unable to pay my rate but are interested in working together, I still encourage you to reach out. LSAT tutoring is by far the most effective way to master an exam that could result in a six-figure scholarship so I try to never turn anyone away.

For additional information, visit my website: piperprep.com

Tutoring is truly the best part of my day. I feel privileged to help others achieve their dreams and would be honored to assist you as well.

Looking forward to it,


“Feeling like I hit a plateau with my previous LSAT tutor, I reached out to Piper a month before my scheduled LSAT exam and she got back to me immediately. Piper was very encouraging, and intentional about helping me create the right schedule to fix "easy point" mistakes I was making that could significantly change my score. During our tutoring sessions, she would ask me to walk her through my problem solving process so she could track where things went wrong. I really appreciated this method because after months of studying and being overly absorbed by the LSAT, it helps for someone to review your process. Before I started tutoring with Piper, I was consistently in the high 150s. During tutoring, my highest PT was a 168, and I got a 166 on my LSAT exam.” Ebele E.

“Piper has been the best tutor I could ask for!!! She is very patient and understanding. Getting familiar with the LSAT was a little difficult for me but Piper made it much more understandable. She’s very knowledgeable and understands the material very very well. With her help, I raised my score 19 points from a 131 to a 150 and earned a scholarship to my top choice school. I would highly recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone struggling with LSAT preparations.” Aryione B.

“If I were to do this process over again, I would choose Piper to be my tutor 11/10 times. I scored better on the LSAT than I ever thought possible (in the mid-170s), and it is all thanks to her support. She went above and beyond to cater to my individual needs and learning style, and was extraordinarily helpful in building my confidence. She is so patient and understanding and the best tutor I could have asked for—I would not have been able to get into my dream school without her! I am eternally grateful for her much needed support throughout the LSAT and law school application process. I cannot recommend her enough.” Natalie L.

“I’d improved a little by working through some of the popular online prep courses and drilling exams on my own but eventually hit some road blocks that I could not overcome, however hard I tried. Piper not only improved my speed and accuracy by simplifying my approach to each section, she also successfully walked me through the process of applying for test accommodations to offset my disability, which I didn’t realize I could do until she recommended it. After months of hard work, I improved 23 points to score a 168. Apart from being a seriously knowledgable and excellent tutor, Piper is also one of the kindest people I’ve had the pleasure of encountering, and her positive impact on my life will remain long into the future.” Kelly W.

“Despite significant self-studying and work with other tutors and test prep companies, I was still struggling to get through the logic games section in time. A friend recommend I meet with Piper. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. In five lessons, she helped me go from an average of -8 on timed LG sections to an average of -0. She’s also an extraordinarily kind and encouraging person, as evidenced by responding to my midnight freakout email the evening before my exam with supportive words and strategies that helped me calm down enough to fall asleep and go on to score one of my best ever scores, a 177. I’m forever grateful.” Michael B.

“After getting a 149 diagnostic score and doing extensive research on and meeting with different companies and tutors to see who might best help me improve, I ended up selecting Piper to help me after meeting with her one time. She came prepared to every session, was quick to respond to emails, knows this test inside and out, told me exactly how I would improve, and is easily one of the most understanding, encouraging people I’ve ever encountered. I truly can’t thank her enough. After 4 months of lessons and practice, I scored a 167 and was later accepted to my dream school.” Jack T.

“I started working with Piper after tanking thousands of dollars on an absolutely useless course. With her help and four months of biweekly meetings, I improved 26 points to score a 171. As a teacher myself, I say with confidence that Piper was born to teach. Her kind, supportive, down-to-earth demeanor combined with her ability to simplify a complex exam and answer any question I threw her way helped me relax and believe that I, too, could master this exam.” John M.

"Piper is extremely organized and an excellent communicator. She scaffolds each online lesson to the individual needs of her students. With her insight and encouragement, I was able to increase my LSAT score when I thought I had reached a plateau, helping lead to my acceptance at an excellent law school.” Theresa E.

“I self-studied, read the books, and even took a class, but none of these methods did much to help me improve my LSAT score. One-on-one tutoring from Piper was the key to my success in understanding the material on the LSAT and improving my test-day score by 12 points to get a 167! Piper told me exactly what I needed to work on and gave me the tools I needed to do it. I cannot thank her enough.” Emily E.

“After scoring a 129 on my initial practice exam, I signed up for a popular LSAT course only to find myself lost within a few meetings thanks to the overwhelming amount of information that was presented in a disjointed manner. I eventually quit attending the course and began tutoring with Piper. From the first lesson, she put me at ease, helped me feel confident, and clearly outlined how I would improve. With five months of dedication and hard work, I went on to score a 157 and earn a scholarship to my top school. Piper’s tremendous support and encouragement helped open a future I wasn’t sure I could achieve.” George P.

“On a friend’s recommendation, I contacted Piper to see if she could help me get past my longstanding struggle of being between two answers in the RC and LR sections and continually picking the wrong one. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! She got back with me right away, asked me to send her my recent practice exams to see where I’d been going wrong, and had me talk through my thought processes when we met for session to assess where I was at. With her patience and guidance, she helped me approach the exam in a more careful, but simplified way and go from scoring in the low 150’s to the high 160’s. I can’t thank her enough.” Sam W.

“Piper is an extremely knowledgable and organized tutor! I was in a time crunch of my own making and contacted Piper less than a month before my exam to see if it was possible to get the score I needed (a 160). With an intense month of practice and Piper being kind enough to consistently meet with me at 5am when my job schedule changed, I improved 13 points to score a 164 and still can’t believe it. Piper is seriously one of the nicest and most knowledgable people I’ve probably ever met, and I strongly recommend her LSAT tutoring services.” Carolina G.

“Despite setting a goal of hitting the 175+ mark, I found myself stuck in the 168-173 range for months. A friend who’d broken the plateau recommended I meet with Piper, and I’m so grateful I did. She got back with me right away and requested I send her a few of my most recent practice exams before we met. After looking through them and asking a few additional questions, she diagnosed where I was going wrong and outlined how I’d improve. With her guidance and some additional practice, I officially hit my original goal and went on to gain acceptance to my top choice school.” Grace M.

“Before working with Piper, I found it really easy to attempt a section where I was confident at first, hit a difficult roadblock and be completely lost about where to go from there. She really gave me the guiderails I needed to be able to approach the sections I had difficulty with in a more structured way. She also gave me a new set of eyes to look at the logic games with that helped me move through the questions so much faster and go on to score in the low 170s. A quality tutor through and through.” Shanrick M.

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