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Travel Back in Time & Undo Your Marriage!
Remember the movie "Back to the Future," with Michael J. Fox?
Now imagine that the same silver DeLorean time-traveling car shows up on your street, right now, and the driver offers to carry you back in time, to your wedding day, just an hour before you're to say your marital vows.

Like magic, you're taken back to that wedding day whereupon you are about to become married to your present spouse - the same spouse with whom you now find yourself on the precipice of divorce - and you haven't said "I do!" yet!!! Wow!!

Now that you have a "re-do," will you be able to say "I don't," this time, instead of "I do?" Or will you simply run away from the wedding? ...Nawww! It's too late!!! The wedding guests are all here, and, if you back out, this late in the game, just think of the embarrassment!!! What can you do??? What a quandary!!! The silver time-traveling DeLorean was not quite enough!!! You need a small miracle!!! Oh My!!! What to do???

Thankfully, like all good fairytales, in this story, you are indeed saved by a miracle, the small miracle that we provide; the miracle called an Annulment.

Like Magic, an Annulment will make it so that you will never have been married to your present spouse!! Unlike a divorce, an Annulment is a court finding that the marriage never existed in the first place. Once the Annulment is complete, you will be able to legitimately claim you were never married to the very same partner who you are currently about to divorce! Wow!!

Just think about of how much more attractive you'll be in the dating world, and to future potential partners, if you don't have this divorce on your record... Think further...How do you really want your life story to read? Do you really want this mistake be part of your legacy?

Go back in time and hit the "un-do" button. Allow us to retro-rocket you to before your marriage even started - legally, at least - so we may make it as though you said "I don't," instead of "I do."

Call us today for a FREE Consultation to explore the option of an Annulment instead of a divorce. We might not really have a time-traveling silver DeLorean car; but, legally, at least, we can accomplish the very same thing, and at breakneck speed!

P.S. As a full-service law firm, if you'd prefer, we can instead help you with a Divorce or a Legal Separation; but, you gotta admit, the time-traveling thing is waaayyy kool; right?

Call Today! FREE Initial Consultation!

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"A Different Kind of Law Firm!"

*** Baker & Taylor, LLC, excels in Family Law, including prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, divorce, legal separation, annulment, domestic and international child custody and support, visitation, maintenance (alimony), civil protection orders, appeals, bills of review, etc. ***

*** The content in this ad is intended for informational purposes only; moreover, neither the content of this ad nor any material, written or spoken, provided in free initial consultation(s) with Baker & Taylor, LLC, shall create an attorney-client relationship or constitute legal advice. Information and consultation, provided by Baker & Taylor, LLC, does not give rise to any fiduciary relationship or duties, nor does the aforesaid create a duty of care, and shall not, unless Baker & Taylor, LLC, agrees to represent a party explicitly pursuant to Baker & Taylor, LLC's issuance of a written formal Letter of Engagement. ***

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