FOUND SIBERIAN HUSKY MALE (Houston but I live in Pearland)

lost or found?: found

DESCRIPTION: Male Dog, Black & White Coat, Very Light Blue Eyes.
I went to Barc to rescue a pup from the euthanasia list when a guy walked in with this beautiful husky. Barc wasn't going to take the animal unless it was sick or injured. He claimed he was going to just drop it off somewhere since they wouldnt take him and I volunteered to take him home with me since its already so hot outside.
I am starting to think maybe someone stole him and then abandoned him when they realized how much an emotional husky can demand attention and cause chaos. The guy claimed he found him somewhere in Houston but he could have found him in the surrounding areas.
If he's been stolen I really hope his family is out looking for him and wanting him home. He acts like he really misses his Family.
Are you missing a black and white Male Siberian Husky? I will not respond to any emails unless you can accurately answer ALL of the following questions:
1. How old should your pup be?
2. Did you get him fixed? (Yes or No)
3. Did you get him microchipped? ( Yes or No)
4. What did you name him?
5. Please send a clear picture so I can compare
I refuse to give him to someone who is not his real family. Therefore every single question must be answered correctly and a picture be provided.

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