Renewable Diesel Plants-Partners and Grants

Climate change is creating chaos around the world creating new business opportunities.
Nonpetroleum Renewable Diesel is fast becoming the breakthrough technology promising huge cuts in CO2 and pollutants while producing incredible profits through grants, subsidies, and sales. This new technology produces the equivalent of D2 with unlimited demand and superior performance. The fuel is made entirely of vegetable oil, bio methanol and catalyst. The equipment produces no waste and has no emissions. Subsidies and carbon credits considering all the carbon reductions in our chain of production now top $3.00 per gallon. This drop-in alternative fuel is needed to replace over thirteen trillion gallons of petroleum diesel now sold. Demand for reduction in Greenhouse gases has risen dramatically in view of rising and worsening extreme weather and the cost of these disasters in human and financial terms.
Our services include grant and subsidy applications, equipment supply, feedstock supply and logistics as well as marketing…everything you need to get into this breakthrough business. There are opportunities for partnership in the overall company or the Sales and Assembly Company to qualified investors. Or you may want to own your own production plant or a controlling interest in a joint venture plant. The key to success at this point is to develop, s we have, inexpensive feedstocks that do not compete with food crops. We have developed new feedstocks from Sargassum oceanic algae, Neem and Duckweed which make Renewable diesel profitable along with revenue from subsidies, carbon credits and Offsets and even without government programs
You can apply for a grant for your half of the joint venture for 51% ownership of a joint venture plant. Our half of the cost is funded. The grant for your half of the capital is 6.5 million dollars from the Department of Energy. Attached is a list of steps needed to win a grant.
The Department of Energy and a host of Domestic and international public and private are poised to issue grants and subsidies, guaranteed loans and offsets.
We are funded by a joint venture of Coca-Cola, IBM, Lenovo., Motorola, Govts. of UAE and a consortium of Caribbean Islands headed by Antigua. We are building a major hubs in Houston and Antigua. We are putting together the assembly plant to assemble the modular production units for shipment globally from the tax free zone in Mexico.
We also can produce sustainable power with new renewable diesel generators released by Caterpillar, Cummins and others.

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