Investment Opportunity (Trucking Business) You Always Thought About It (HOUSTON METRO)

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Date: 05/18/2024

Investments are open until you are no longer seeing this post.

Hello Fellow Investors,

Are you looking to invest in a profitable venture with a strong foundation? Consider investing in a trucking company! As an essential industry that keeps goods moving across the country, trucking companies offer stability and potential for growth. With increasing demand for transportation services, investing in a trucking company can lead to significant returns. Contact us today to explore this exciting investment opportunity!

The trucking business is a $100 Billion Dollar Industry!!! Yes, billion w/ a (B) industry and growing. Some companies have over a thousand trucks and still can't corner the market. So, investors even a small piece of the pie is worth Millions. This is your opportunity. One might say well why would a company offer this great opportunity if it’s that good? I'm glad you asked. All smart people build good partnerships and open the door for investors. It happens all the time. For an example take Apple and ChatGPT. They are working together.

Furthermore, Google and Mark Zuckerberg have Billions of dollars both personally and business wise. Yet and still, they have their stocks for sale on the market and they both work together. Yes, billionaires with great business credit and lucrative cash available (meaning cash not just on paper) and they still work together. We must learn from these giants.

If this sounds like a good opportunity for you and you want more details, you can respond with your email address and in the Subject Line put "Truck Investment". We have opportunities as low as $1000 dollars. Everything will be in contract and filed with and through lawful counsel so NO one gets cheated. This is not the traditional investment opportunity. ROI will start rolling in after 3 months in lump sums. We must make it attractive for you all. Once we hit a certain number, we will have to cut off this investment opportunity. Our goal is to get up to 1000 trucks. We currently are operating with two 2023 Cascadia Freightliners. So, getting into this opportunity is well worth it. Limited time only.


For those who like to read.

Background: In 2020, we started the company in Dallas TX with hotshots only. We gained recognition from Top Brokers, which made us Tier A company because of our on-time deliveries. We factored with OTR Solutions. We built our fleet up to 15 trucks. In 2022, the market went into a slump. Fuel High:/ Rates Low. The company downsized and focused on the oil fuel contract. In 2023, we stopped operations all together, things just did not make sense to operate. 2024 here we are standing strong and have leveled up to Semi Trucks. So, we have been through some tough times and overcame adversity. We are much wiser now inside this ever changing great "Transportation Industry". The Management Team we have here are built for the times. We are who you want to invest in.

Disclosure: Invest wisely and consult with your financial advisor and/or always make this best judgement. All investments involved risk and is not 100% guaranteed. Always ask questions.

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