I'll be your (hands-on) ANGEL INVESTOR if you're ..... (Houston)

As cliche as this may sound, go ahead and keep reading!

Do you think you have the next BIG THING (e.g. consumer products/services, finance, tech, telecom, etc)
but haven't the money or investors?

If you're reading this, this may be you but let me approach the conversation a bit differently.

I want to invest time and money in the right person and develop our ideas together.
I'm an advocate of strong and sustainable relationships, first and foremost.
So when honest, healthy and transparent people merge and connect, the sky's the limit.

My backstory:
I quit my job, sold my apartment and moved to Houston from Queens, NYC last month.
I do NOT want to work for someone else again, especially at 44; I'm too old for corporate politics and too young to sit uselessly idle.
I'm direct and pragmatic with an abundance of real world experience; some amazing feats and some fails.

What I'm looking for:
Teaming up with the right person who needs the right investor (#therightrelationship).
One part is to make a change in my life that results in making real money with a cool partner.
We both have good character and strong business chemistry (internal divisions are toxic for everyone).
Have a business plan or at least have clear ideas / goals for the project; we can collaborate and define things together later on.

In summation:
I'm here to invest in the right person who needs capital but may also need encouragement, possible guidance and support.
Think of me as a hands-on (if needed) angel investor that's very focused with loads of business acumen
(this includes running multiple companies and startups + holding a degree in marketing).
I may not have all the answers but I definitely know what NOT to do.

If this sounds remotely interesting, let's discuss.
Share only what you want but know this, I have '0' interest in intellectual property theft or any shenanigans,
I'm not that man.
The worst thing that can happen is that I say no, the best thing, unimaginable success together.
(Read: Light reading below).

I'd prefer that you're in Houston but if you're the right person, we'll figure it out.

Speak soon!

Light reading:

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