Here's a wonderful offer for the already more wealthy among us (Houston and beyond)

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Here’s a really great financial offer for the already more wealthy among us.

First, to take advantage, your total current Estate needs to be at $5M or greater.

For those that are still working on obtaining those dollars:
If the dollar requirement doesn’t fit you yet, but you know someone that it does, great, introduce them if they’d like to be and you’d like to do so and, sure, we’ll reward you too! Thank you

This offer is certainly one very good example of how the Rich are able to get a whole lot richer.

How would you like a very large Tax-Free Retirement created just for you using other people’s money, “OPM”? Something strong and guaranteed to be there for you whenever you need it! Something that gives you a multimillion dollar TAX-FREE Retirement that can be used in any way that you see fit?

How would you like your own Cash Value building Jumbo Life Insurance Policy, funded to the MAX, and hand delivered right to you at no cost?

How would you like to have access to thousands upon thousands if not millions of additional dollars, again Tax-Free, long before actual retirement should you be so lucky to be 18 on up to years before retirement age as of right now?

Whether you own a Business or not doesn’t matter. Perhaps you got lucky and won a Lottery or you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth. In whatever manor you obtained your wealth does not matter but, because of it, you may now qualify to become a lot wealthier!

If you’re currently worth 5 to $10MM on up to 50 to $100MM or more, first, congratulations on doing so much better than average! Because of your wealth and hopefully good health, although that doesn’t have to be perfect thank goodness, you should be able to dramatically increase your Estate. Your legacy for your chosen Beneficiaries!

No matter how hard you have worked in the past or how long it took you to get to where you are today imagine for just a moment and then recognize the offer that’s before you now. With the stroke of a pen, you are going to be able to double, possibly triple, your net worth. Feel FREE to Live Even Larger and still leave them a very pretty penny! Which should be a really good thing to do, especially these days and the times that we’re living in!

It hardly seems fair to the rest of us that simply don’t qualify for such an offer, but some large Banks and some “A” Rated Insurance Companies and some other Players have built a whole Business out of . . . well, let’s call it what it is - again, helping the Rich get a whole lot Richer at no cost to them!

Here’s a bit more good news for some of you. If your Estate will probably owe Estate Taxes, this very vehicle can also be used to pay those Taxes in full! WHEN SET UP CORRECTLY, this completely FREE offer/service/product will allow for your entire Estate to peacefully transfer 100% over to your chosen Beneficiaries completely uninterrupted versus the typical alternative of an Estate needing to be parted out, cut up and sold off to pay Estate Taxes to the IRS/Government just because someone with means passed away.

By the way, the current exemption on Estate Taxes is the highest that it’s ever been and going higher next year, but after December 31, 2025, it’s scheduled to drop way back down to 5 to $7MM which alone will double the millions of dollars needed to pay the IRS/Government Estate Taxes for many Millionaires. So, if you have a larger estate already, take my advice and cover up now as it can be FREE to do so and, of course, your Heirs will certainly appreciate the financial wisdom that you displayed as well, I hope!

Finally, with nothing to lose and everything to gain or should I say "everything to keep", hopefully this Plan makes a lot of sense. It’s certainly the only one that's guaranteed to make you and your Heirs a boat load more Tax-Free dollars and cents!

Please let us know how we may be able to help you. Include your email address if we should be getting back to you.

Buy/Sell & Key Man Policies also available.

Thank you,

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