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$39 SPECIAL | Computer Laptop Repair - IT Support - Networking - CAT6 1 thumbnail$39 SPECIAL | Computer Laptop Repair - IT Support - Networking - CAT6 2 thumbnail$39 SPECIAL | Computer Laptop Repair - IT Support - Networking - CAT6 3 thumbnail$39 SPECIAL | Computer Laptop Repair - IT Support - Networking - CAT6 4 thumbnail$39 SPECIAL | Computer Laptop Repair - IT Support - Networking - CAT6 5 thumbnail$39 SPECIAL | Computer Laptop Repair - IT Support - Networking - CAT6 6 thumbnail$39 SPECIAL | Computer Laptop Repair - IT Support - Networking - CAT6 7 thumbnail$39 SPECIAL | Computer Laptop Repair - IT Support - Networking - CAT6 8 thumbnail$39 SPECIAL | Computer Laptop Repair - IT Support - Networking - CAT6 9 thumbnail$39 SPECIAL | Computer Laptop Repair - IT Support - Networking - CAT6 10 thumbnail$39 SPECIAL | Computer Laptop Repair - IT Support - Networking - CAT6 11 thumbnail
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********************************FREE DIAGNOSTIC******************************

***Hardware repair warranty for 30 days***

We provide on-site services too. Ask for Romaan :)

Feel free to contact us: (713) 534-3990
Find us on Google: IT EXPERTS COMPANY

Most of the services can be cover within $39 except parts if required.


Blue screen
Virus removal
Screen stuck on windows logo
Data recovery
Convert sata to ssd
Software installation
Laptop, Apple Macbook Pros & Airs, iMacs
Printers, Plotters & Scanners
Termination of CAT 5/6
Cabling & Wiring
CCTV, Camera installation
Alarm or Access control


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