Do you have your Real Estate license, but tired of the BS...??? (Cypress)

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My name is,
Christopher Varnardo...

I own "MoveMe.VIP" we're a
-Luxury apartment locating service-

We're looking Boss like Self driven individuals that possess their real estate license already!

We just got the green light to launch...

The right individuals will see this and gravitate to it, it's a calling! Do you want to own your own business and be successful, but not give up all of your time doing it...

We're a 100% remote company, Once trained properly everything will be done at your own leisure, from your own destination, at your own pace.

I've done the hard work already, it's built, Website's done, contracts are made, infrastructure done, the system works. How many apartment complexes do you see being built in just a 10 mile radius on the daily, I'm guessing a lot...
I plan on filling as many as possible!

Our job is the introduction from matching a person's apartment search criteria to whatever apartments are available on the market. We get PAID after they move and use us as who referred them!

I want business owner minded Real Estate Brokers who are tired of the shark life, and ready for the Beach life...!

I've got a Brokerage I've teamed up with that allows us to function with no restraints at the lowest cost with the highest benefits I've ever seen. The cool part is the network we'll be creating, every client will have someone that needs to buy or sell a house! Not to mention "as part of your training" after their lease is up, you'll have them prepped and mentally on board to buy a house as well...

I'm based in Cypress, we'll cover the whole state at some point, but for now let's Dominate Houston 1st!
I'll show and help guide you in growing the Business quickly.
Once up and running, It Truly is non-stop Funds, Remotely!

I'm setting up LLC's under my business LLC. = The Franchise
I'll provide leads that are "HOT" I mean immediate, not from weeks ago, months ago, years ago...🤮
Matchmaking apartments are not like houses, the responsibility level is simply... Collect criteria, match, get paid, tag for future business, and move on to the next!

I don't get paid unless you get paid, so trust me when I say, I'll make sure you get paid!

It's 100% Self Pay AKA Earned Income, You will be Part-Owner of the LLC, under the franchise!

Serious inquiries only! Let's get PAID...

Christopher Varnado

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