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boat type: kayak/canoe/SUP
propulsion type: human
length overall (LOA): 16
The Sirocco is the rotomolded version of our popular Gulfstream. This kayak appeals to a broad market of paddlers who crave performance yet want a boat that is user friendly. Designed by Derek Hutchinson, the Sirocco boasts the same tight turning, quick paddling qualities of the composite version in a lower cost rotomolded construction. The Sirocco is an example of innovation at its best. Skeg, back band, and day hatch come standard.

For me, an experienced but moderately-skilled paddler, this is a great boat. Wide enough for my vast bulk, plenty room for multiday, and easy to paddle once I got used to it. Just sitting in it feels tippy, but edge 5 or 10 degrees either way, or start paddling, and it settles in and feels rock solid. And in 1 to 2 foot wind waves and boat wakes, it behaves very well and is very forgiving to the clumsy paddler. To me, it feels nearly effortless to paddle, and goes as fast as I'll ever need to go. It's just so much fun to paddle!

Maximum Load: 375 lbs.
Polyethylene - 60 lbs.
Overall Length: 16' 10" | (513.08cm)
Width: 23.00" | (58.42cm)
Depth: 13.25" | (33.655cm)
Cockpit Size: Length: 30.00" | (76.2cm) ; Width: 16.50" | (41.91cm)
Bow Hatch: Length: 9.50" | (24.13cm) ; Width: 9.50" | (24.13cm) ; Volume: 16.00Gal. | (60.48L)
Day Hatch: Length: 8.00" | (20.32cm) ; Width: 8.00" | (20.32cm) ; Volume: 10.00Gal. | (37.8L)
Stern Hatch: Length: 16.50" | (41.91cm) ; Width: 11.00" | (27.94cm) ; Volume: 19.00Gal. | (71.82L)

Swede Form: Widest behind the cockpit, Swede form has a cleaner, longer, and more slender entry, giving efficient touring speeds and maneuverability. In shorter lengths these kayaks are very responsive. Longer kayaks with this feature have amazing acceleration and track well. Because of the narrow bow they may punch through a steep wave, rather than ride over it.

Soft Chine: A smooth transition from the bottom of the hull to the sides. Soft chines give smooth edging at unlimited angles. The majority of kayaks that we build have a soft chine.

Shallow V: The ā€œVā€ shape improves tracking, has a lively feel and delivers very comfortable stability.

Touring Cockpit: Touring cockpits are somewhat small to help resist imploding of the spray skirt if hit by a large wave in rough water. They include built-in thigh braces on the cockpit rim to maximize control when edging and rolling.

Category: British Touring | All Water | Day Hatches-Back Bands | Skegs

Paddler Size: M-L

MSRP: $2,600
Asking: $1,500

Thanks for your interest!

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