COLD PLUNGE - $1,800 (Conroe)

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Upgrade your wellness routine with this all-in-one cold plunge.

-**Waterproof Seal:** Nontoxic waterproof seal to prevent leaking.
- **WiFi Temperature Control:** Easily adjust and monitor water temperature from the Inkbird App.
- **Recirculating Pump**: Ensures consistent water circulation for an even and refreshing cold plunge experience.
- **Ozone Cleaning System**: Naturally purifies the water, eliminating bacteria and contaminants without harsh chemicals.
- **Wood Grain Vinyl Wrap**: Combines modern technology with elegant design, making it a stylish addition to any home.

🔹 Refresh Your Body: Immerse yourself in the crisp, refreshing waters that instantly awaken your senses. Feel the stress melt away as the cold water works its magic, revitalizing your body from head to toe.

🔹 Boost Your Energy: Experience an instant surge of energy like never before! The shock of the cold plunge stimulates circulation, increases oxygen flow, and leaves you feeling revitalized and ready to conquer the day.

🔹 Enhance Your Well-Being: Step into the Cold Plunge and unlock a world of health benefits. From reducing inflammation and muscle recovery to boosting your immune system and promoting better sleep, the benefits are endless.

🔹 Elevate Your Mind: Embrace the exhilarating sensation of the cold water as it clears your mind and uplifts your spirit. Say goodbye to brain fog and hello to clarity and focus like never before.

Don't let life's stresses weigh you down. Take the plunge today and experience the transformative power of our Cold Plunge. Your body, mind, and soul will thank you! 💦✨

Perfect for athletes and wellness enthusiasts to cold immersion for optimal recovery and rejuvenation. It is ready to go, fill, chill and plunge.


Interior: 54in x 19in x 26in
w/10in x 11 in(raised ledge)

Exterior: 60in x 27in x 33in

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