2003 wrx race car (League city)

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FOR SALE OR TRADE built ‘03 WRX bugeye wagon race car capable of being a daily driver

For sale $10K obo or trade for clean title, running, registered vehicle

2003 Subaru Impreza WRX wagon 5-speed

Clean, Oregon title, originally California car

No rust


EJ25 hybrid engine

2.5L block: STI crank and rods, King race bearings, Manley pistons .020 bored over and blue printed

2.0L heads: ported and polished with stage 3 Brian Crower .280 camshafts

ARP head studs, cometic head gaskets

Moroso oil pick-up tube, STI windage tray and oil pan (for equal length headers fitment)

ACL high pressure oil pump

Gates Racing timing belt, water pump kit


Perrin equal length header

Custom stainless up-pipe w/ Tial external waste gate that recirculates to down pipe (closed system), v-band flange at top for turbo exhaust inlet (no gaskets)

Custom 3-inch Catless down pipe w/ v-band flanges (no gaskets) stock location O2 sensor w/ Innovative wide band

eBay cat back w/ flanges cut out and v-bands

3-inch muffler (not a fart can)

Extended exhaust hangers


Tial .82AR stainless v-band exhaust housing

Garett GTX3076R dual ball bearing turbo w/ 3-inch polished turbo inlet, Turbosmart oil pressure regulator, turbo oil restrictor fitting, stainless steel feed lines, stainless AN coolant lines w/banjo fittings on turbo and hose fittings to engine feed and return

New Vibrant straight hose fitting for coolant return off turbo to run only silicone hose for a cleaner look. Fitting and hose not installed.

3-inch homemade short ram air intake w/ Subaru SPT filter


Silicone Y pipe

GrimmSpeed top mount intercooler w/ GM intake air temperature sensor tapped into bottom

Forge Motorsport blowoff valve

Gutted and port-matched TGVs w/ 19-mm phenolic intake manifold spacers

Cusco catch can system


New stock radiator

Mishimoto thermostat

Silicone hoses

Mishimoto coolant expansion tank, brand new, not installed for clearance reasons w/hood due to intake manifold spacers


AEM fuel pump 420LPH in OEM fuel hanger

GM Flex Fuel sensor installed and wires ran to ECU but not connected

AN fuel lines

Aluminati fuel rails

Injector Dynamics ID1000s

Stock fuel tank and hard lines from tank to engine bay

100% E85 compatible as is


5-speed transmission and 6-puck ceramic clutch w/ polyurethane bushings, stage 4 pressure plate (very aggressive but daily driveable)

Really cool pitch stop mount (forgot the brand)

Really cool engine mounts (forgot the brand)

Polyurethane bushings on front lower control arms

New front end lower ball joints, sway bar end links, sway bar bushings, and steering rack bushings

New power steering pump w/ stainless steel high pressure line to the rack

New rubber hoses for reservoir

New alternator

AC compressor works, just replaced o-ring, but is a bit noisy. Not worth replacing until it goes bad

Original starter that works fine

Brakes and tires are stock, in excellent condition

Rear suspension stock, in excellent condition


MegaSquirt Pro plug and play (stock ECU included and wiring is unmolested)

Innovative wide band and gauge

Prosport Premium Evo series boost gauge

eBay oil pressure gauge

Custom painted center dash triple gauge pod

Cobb 3-port boost controller (installed but not currently being used in the tune)

GM intake air temperature sensor (installed on bottom of intercooler at throttle body and wired to stock MAF plug wiring)

GM Flex Fuel sensor (installed, not used in tune)

NGK iridium spark plugs and stock ignition coils

Brand new wide band sensor to install prior to next tune session

Tuned on 91 pump gas

10-lbs waste gate spring on straight manifold pressure (initially had 20-lbs spring and my god was it fun)

ECU has built in 4BAR MAP sensor w/ vacuum line running to intake manifold

Tuned on speed density

Idles at 1100 to improve AC performance and eliminate hunting idle (aggressive cam shafts)

Never been on the Dyno, but was street-tuned on 10-lbs by Toby at Advanced Engine Dynamics in Corona, CA. This was the initial tune after building the car but I never turned the boost up and the tune was basically perfect for daily driving and prolonging the 5 speed.

Next steps are turn on boost controller

Swap out waste gate spring

Tune for 93 and e85 on Dyno

Car has full interior in decent condition

Working AC

Original 6-disk CD changer

Original Momo steering wheel

Purchased from original owners in CA

Built the car about 3 years ago and daily drove it for most of that time

Changed the oil only with Motul 5w-40 and Subaru factory filters after break in oil changes.

Not a single oil change including the very first one has ever shown signs of engine wear

Build has ~10k miles

Chassis ~185k

Somewhere in storage I have all of the waste gate springs, unequal length exhaust manifold setup, really cool transmission mount (forgot the brand). Probably some other stuff I can’t remember

We can’t afford to have a race car and don’t have room at our apartment for cars without tags (per our lease)

As a Subaru enthusiast and professional technician, this is the nicest driving WRX that I’ve experienced and I’d love to give interested parties a ride down the street.

I’m going to be putting it into storage until it sells.

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