affordable stump grinding/removal (Conroe)

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Hello I'm Kevin with AFFORDABLE stump grinding
I do stump grinding at Fair and reasonable prices.

Stump Grinding is the fastest, easiest, and least disruptive way to get rid of a unwanted tree stump. It is faster and easier than hand removal, faster and safer than chemical stump removal or burning, and requires no heavy equipment for digging or pulling, resulting in a minimal amount of disruption to your landscape. Following a storm or tree removal your yard is returned to good condition and made ready for grass or sod as quickly as possible, and your unwanted stump vanishes in a matter of minutes.

I have three stump grinders a very compact and powerful stump grinder (40HP) , I can get into places most can't. back yards with narrow gates, over decks, in raised flower beds ect. (31in wide 4ft long)
and a larger turbo diesel for large jobs.
also a large stump grinder I pull around with my truck or skid steer for big blown over trees

I can usually grind your stumps for less than you can rent a machine.
Then you need truck and trailer to haul (AND MY MACHINE IS 4 TIMES FASTER)

Renting a stump grinders is like Russian Roulette. Most are not maintained properly and have worn out teeth or belts inside are loose or worn.
You don't know if you have a good one till you start grinding with it. Then it's to late you have wasted 1/2 a day driving to pick to up, and the clock is ticking on your rented machine. Then you have to take back to rental co to exchange it out a few times if they have more than one. Most times they don't.
If they give you your money back (most times they don't) then you have to spend the rest of the day trying to find another machine that works.
Let me save you time and money and hassle buy doing it
Pressure washer 15" or 16" mud tires (32in to 34 in) Guns, Ammo like 30.06 , 5.45x 39 , 300 AAC , 9mm , 5.56
night vision Scope , optics, small truck, metal cut off saw /chop saw , cutting torch set , 3/4 or 1 ton 4x4 truck , motorcycle , 4 wheeler , jet ski , Boat , stihl chain saws , small enclosed trailer , equipment trailer

my rates are as follows.

50.00 trip fee up to 25 miles

$50 minimum for one stump rates for stumps after 1st stump are
$25 per foot across
1ft $25
2 ft $50
3 ft $75
4ft $100

blown over trees are the complete root ball measurement across

discounts for over 10 stumps
1/2 day 4 hrs 400.00 (about 25 medium sized pine stumps 30 oak)
daily rate 8 hrs. $700.00
tree work and saw work same rate(I only do tree work I can do by myself) if it is something I can not do
I can refer you to tree services I work with often
I have
Stihl 880 with 3ft bar (125cc largest commercial saw made)
Stihl 460 with 25in bar
Stihl 290 20in bar
Stihl 201 climbing saw 16in bar
ropes snatch blocks climbing gear

Please call Kevin
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