Cabin Class Mooney For Sale or Trade - $125,000 (Edgewood Airport (1N1)

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Mooney M22 For Sale or Trade N7722V
This is one of only 35/36 PRESSURIZED Mooney M22 Aircraft Ever produced. Their First flight was 1964 and earned type certification 2-years later.

The M22’s are a Very special aircraft and will require a special kind of owner.
Many non owners have spread rumours that parts are hard to find.
I Have Not found that true.
Every thing I have needed, I have been able to find. Yet, owning rare things can have issues, in my experience the rewards will always outweigh the discouraging moments.
Kind of ugly in a way, yet Mooney to the Bone.

 (Pressurised Mooney) 


With a 222/KT Max Speed burning 15/16GPH at 24,000’
Stall speed 58/kt

Range of 1493 miles with
92/Gal -552/lb on board.
Empty weight 2,440/lb
Max Take off 3,680 lb
takeoff distance 1,142’
Landing 958’

Wing span 35’
Length 27’
Height 9’ 10”
This M-22 is Ser#-0001

The Aircraft has only 1,100 Hours Total Time on EVERYTHING,
Including Turbo Charged Lycoming TIO-541  310/HP Direct Drive,
 Engine And Airframe also Only 1100-S/New

I can throw in a SECOND Mooney Mustang for parts, I have never parted out and could be made FLYABLE !!

With “NO Damage History” and complete Log book history from Day-1.
-Zero- Damage History !
-Zero- Corrosion !
Don’t misunderstand me.
This Mustang IS “Presently Flying”  AND IN ANNUAL !
No ADSB as of yet !
Compressions are all in the High 70’s.
We have replaced 
Throttle body, Air Filter, Fuel filter Fuel switching diversion valve,
ALL Fuel lines, Oil Lines, All insulated fire sleeving, skeet/scat tubing and cooling baffling Fire wall Forward.

NO! It’s NOT Hard to find Parts !
And if that’s an issue, with the correct wallet,
one could always elevate to experimental and slap a Turbine
Pratt & Whitney-34 or Allison
On the pressurised Cabin Class Airframe and fly the globe.

New tires and Tubes
Fresh oil and Filter.
I call this Mooney a (Flying Project)  Because, even though we fly her on a somewhat regular basis there are several things that need attention.
As a new owner purchases and personalizes This aircraft to their individual needs,
It can be flown regularly !
Pressure system is not holding and is on my list to fix next (doorseal’s)
and final will be avionics.
All Working but dated.
Interesting enough, all these Pressurized Mooney M22’s came with No intercom.
Reason was 1st, as we all know Pressurized aircraft are extremely quiet inside. Then…Mooneys forward thinking Engineers Ducted the Turbo Exhaust through an Augmenter to further silence noise dB in the cockpit and improve Exhaust flow. 

Avionics Master Swich
King, Audio Panel-KMA/20-TSO
2-King-KX170B Nav/ Com
GPS-Arnav, R-30A
AUTO PILOT- Brittain/ B5
DME- King
Fuel Flow- Hoskins / CFS1000 SDI
Altitude preselect-Bonzi 
(Realistically, if we installed all new state of the art Avionics today they would be dated and obsolete in 12 months)

Likened to finding a 56 year old Ferrari or Aston Martin in your neighbors garage. 

This Pressurised Cabin Class Mooney has Great Bones, and flys super quiet.
With a 25,000 foot ceiling plus Emergency Oxygen, she Seats one pilot and four passengers.

In 1968 The Mooney M22 was way ahead of its time.

All the Thickened plexiglass windshield and side glass are like New, No cracking, Crazing, smoking or sun burned.
Mooney M22’s distinguishing feature’s other than its large size,
And Commanding presence on any ramp is the port side, porthole window for the fifth seat passenger.
As we continue improving this classic, The price will reflect improvements

Make Me an OBO offer or Trade I can’t refuse

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