-24 hours Mobile Mechanic gas/Diesel/elec. cars,281- 679-0000 (Houston Metro, free house call with repair)

-24 hours Mobile Mechanic gas/Diesel/elec. cars,281- 679-0000 1 thumbnail-24 hours Mobile Mechanic gas/Diesel/elec. cars,281- 679-0000 2 thumbnail
offered in person
offered virtually
Fast on the spot repairs on cars ,truck ,RV , buses ,and big trucks ,tractors, bikes, riding lawn movers, electric cars
refers, Electric vehicles, golf cars , elec. 5th fork lifts , Tesla ,FREE HtdrOUSE CALL WITH REPAIRS


, 4 wheelers ,off the road vehicles, motorized construction equipment , we have 12 mobile units,

,281,679.0000 , 50% off -www.mobilemechanicofhouston.com, most of times on the spot repairs ,but some jobs


come to the shop, impossible to get the job done on the road, because is too dangerous for mechanic ,or he

must have lift to get the job done right, & safely, safety of our customer are top priority, we make sure
vehicle is safe to drive

before release it to customer , and if customer asked us to do any work that we believe endanger customer we refuse to do so., we do

not rig up, or patch up any thing. that is unsafe. 713 789 3800
12 mobile units are available , honesty is a priority in this company , we do work on cars , trucks , big trucks

pull codes for Freightliner , International , Mack , Volvo, and other Diesel Trucks for customers .

and we do repairs them if you wish to pay for it , no rip off artist in our team , been in business for over 30
years , with large shop in Houston,

SCAM ALERT : NEVER , NEVER hire mobile mechanic that does not own shop that you can verify thru
Houston police department, ( phone number on business card , and shop address with Houston police department

are the same)

every month we tow in 10 to 40 some times more cars , trucks that repair was started by a mobile mechanic but

after a few

hours, after a few days or a few weeks of works on the vehicle , after customers are charged $ hundreds , some

times $thousands ,

for deposit, , up front money, after the checks are cashed , mechanic disappear , never answer phone call , some

times block you, on their phone ,or

cuss you out if you call him thru a different phone , at this point YOU ARE Screwed, with big S it is two

some times 5 times more expensive

to repair that vehicle now , all nut bolts , brackets are missing, some times electronics are damaged, some

times engine is

damaged, some times lowest bid is the

most expensive one, make sure that greed of lowest bid , estimate does not burn you , our prices are not high , but fair, and are

market price ( 713 -789 3800 or 281-679-0000, for text : 713 264 1306 ). lowest bid get you dangerous mechanics

, that they know enough to be dangerous to your vehicle.

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